New awg20, awg22 & awg24 multistrand litz silver wires

new 6n awg20 pure silver multistrand litz with graphene upgrade cable by Lavricables

New awg20, awg22 & awg24 multistrand litz silver wires

We are constantly improving our products and paying attention to feedback received from our customers. It took quite some time for us to come up with the new more advanced version of pure silver wire that we are keen to offer now. It’s 5n purity multistrand litz awg24 and awg22 wires in pvc insulation. The sound is open and transparent, neutral and with great microdynamics. Ergonomics of cables is improved very noticeably. The wire feels very flexible and soft, pleasant to touch, it does not hold any shape and have zero microphonics – all that is crucial for a decent iem upgrade cable. Awg24 version represents our Ultimate line and awg22 stands for the Master. We are pretty sure you will be delighted with the new products.
We highly advice trying our latest 2 pin iem cables in awg24 or awg22 versions as well as mmcx cables in corresponding gauges – awg24 or awg22.

Our latest creation is awg20 cryo treated multistrand litz silver wire aimed for headphones. It represents the Grand line. We have increased silver purity to 6n! Moreover we have introduced graphene cores in the center in order to make vocals more precise and open. As a result overall wire gauge became awg19! This is a big difference compared to Grand awg21.5 solid core version.
The sound is very powerful, with huge drive and energy. You could feel it with all your body. It’s so emotional that makes you shiver! Enormously deep low end register. The Grand line sounds now even more precise and open, neutral and revealing.
The wire per se is very appealing and flexible bearing in mind the gauge. Inside the silver is twisted multiple times in groups around graphene cores in the middle. We selected pvc insulation here because it’s soft and is not affected by sun and high temperatures in any way. It also represents vast improvement in usability compared to solid core cable version.

We have improved our Ultimate multistrand litz wire by increasing silver gauge to awg24 (previously it was awg25), redesigning wire geometry, size of the cores and adding damping material in the center. Although it took quite some time, the results of Ultimate v2 wire are amazing. It’s more balanced and open, revealing and airy. In fact awg24 gauge gives more articulated low end register. We are glad to offer this noticeable upgrade to our customers keeping same pricing for Ultimate line cables.

Multistrand litz versions (awg22 – awg20 – awg24):

Solid core versions (Reference – Ultimate – Grand):

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