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New awg22 & awg25 multistrand litz silver wire

new 5n awg25 pure silver multistrand litz upgrade cable by Lavricables

New awg22 & awg25 multistrand litz silver wire

We are constantly improving our products and paying attention to feedback received from our customers.
It took quite some time for us to come up with new more advanced version of pure silver wire that we are keen to offer now. It’s 5n purity multistrand litz awg25 and awg22 wires in pvc insulation. The sound is open and transparent, neutral and with great microdynamics. Ergonomics of cables is improved very noticeably. The wire feels very flexible and soft, pleasant to touch, it does not hold any shape and have zero microphonics – all that is crucial for a decent iem upgrade cable. Awg25 version equals to our Ultimate 8 core cable line and awg22 one even surpasses a bit our Master 12 core product line. We are pretty sure you will be delighted with the new products.

We highly advice trying our latest 2 pin iem awg25 or awg22 cable and mmcx version in awg25 or awg22 wire option.

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