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Product lines (Reference/ Ultimate/ Master/ Grand)

Product lines (Reference/ Ultimate/ Master/ Grand)

Most of the products is presented in the following lines: Reference, Ultimate, Master and Grand.

The entry point and start of a silver journey is the Reference line. It offers great difference in soundstage, clarity and neutrality compared to copper. Most of the headphones and iems do benefit sonically from upgrading their stock cables which are of rather low quality. Reference line is made of 4 separated cores of silver (each solid strand is placed in its own selected teflon tubing) for headphone/ iem cables and 10 cores for interconnects.

More advanced in sonic characteristics and cable geometry is the Ultimate line. The amount of cores is doubled here, providing low capacitance due to woven cable geometry. It also brings a reduction of skin effect on high frequencies. Moreover, this type of construction eliminates electro magnetic and radio frequency interference. As a result cables sound more three dimensional, wider and with amazing articulation. Headphone cables from that line mostly designed for big cans like Audeze LCD2 or Sennheiser HD800, for instance, and consist of 8 separated cores. Speaker cables and interconnects have 14 cores and more advanced cable terminations in compared to Reference line.

To reveal potential of any hi-fi system or setup, Master line has been introduced. From the first glance it might appear that some crazy number of separated silver cores is used here (for example, 28 in speaker or 20 in power cables), however after lots of tests on different systems and rapturous feedbacks from customers, it could be regarded as a very advanced product that might take any equipment as far as it can go. The sound is emotional, realistic, neutral with vast amount of details and feeling of 3d space. Master line opens up any headphones to the next level compared to cheap and mediocre stock cables that usually come by default. It offers premium cable components like pure silver RCA plugs, silver plated z-type bananas, Mundorf silver solder, heavily gold plated USB plugs. These cables possess bulletproof construction, special alluring appearance and tremendous sonic characteristics.

Top of the line cables and the best of our products represent the Grand line. These are premium 20-30 core braided cables with ones of the best components available on the market nowadays. Our goal is to eliminate brass from the product here leaving only pure silver & copper. Carefully designed and built, pictured in every single angle so that you know what you are buying. Grand line gives deeper low end register and better microdynamics, it sounds natural and inspiring, uncompromising and fantastic, it stands out out the crowd!

In addition it is always important to remember that silver reveals its potential only after 100-150h of burn in time. There are lots of different opinions related to this topic as well as great amount of technical articles covers that and this is a MUST for every cable we offer. Sound character that might seem in the beginning a bit harsh or even annoying on some revealing systems noticeably changes with time and becomes more relaxed and neutral. I becomes just the one as it should be, the one that lots of music lovers look for 🙂

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