Ultimate Silver Denon D9200 D7200 D7100 D5200 D600 upgrade cable

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Made out of 4 cores of 5N purity silver awg24 multistrand litz wire.
Will reveal full potential of your setup via improved microdynamics, better clarity, more air to to the soundstage!


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We advice at least 150h of burn in time before any critical listening sessions.

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•   Carefully handmade braided cable consists of 4 cores of 5N purity AWG24 multistrand litz silver wire.
•   Soldered with Mundorf 4% fine silver audio solder.
•   5N silver transmits electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC wires.
•   Our awg24 litz wire is very soft, flexible and provide zero microphonics.
•   Please note – silk sleeving is available till the Y split.
•   Previous 8 core awg28 solid silver version has been deprecated.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Ultimate Silver Denon D9200 D7200 D7100 D5200 D600 upgrade cable

  1. Lavricables

    Many thanks for the cables.

    Again, this is just such a great improvement over the original cables with much better musicality and a way more organic sound (my sennheiser amp & denon cans combo had a degree of “cold” edgyness to it which is now just gone, almost like replacing a neon tube with candle light) and there’s just so much more depth in the soundstage and everything sounds sort of like holographic with a bodily presence! And again, I find the cables are absolutely beautifully made. A real joy!

    I’m so happy with these cables that I’d like to order yet another one from you. Sorry for the fragmented ordering. There is a Swiss saying: Appetite comes with eating

  2. Lavricables

    The cable arrived yesterday. I am extremely impressed with the quality of your workmanship. You made a superb job of splitting the cable and re plaiting it. The fit of the plugs into the headphone sockets is excellent, probably better than the fit of the plugs on Denon’s own cable. I am used to having to run in silver cables for a good few hours before they perform properly, as I use them as interconnects on my main system. I set up the headphones to run in the cable, and before leaving them put them on to check they were OK. Within 10 seconds I could tell there was a vast improvement in sound quality. I was expecting the cable to be much better than the ‘portable’ cable supplied by Denon, but was staggered by how much better it is than the main ‘Hifi’ cable they supplied. I ran the cable in for several hours, but then couldn’t resist having a ‘listening session’, and spent the next six hours listening over tracks that I am well used to. The clarity and detail is amazing, I was hearing background sounds in the recording studios, and every breath of the artists and finger movements on the instruments. The rhythm and ‘musicality’ is great, and the ‘position’ of the instrument and artists within your head is like actually being in the concert/studio. I’ve never experienced this from headphones before.
    Well done.

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