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About us

Dear customers, thanks for coming to the store! Here you may find 100+ different pure silver cables that will make you feel delighted.
We are a team of audiophiles who love music and been enjoying hi-fi and hi-end equipment for decades. We travel around the world and visit various audio exhibitions and shows, we perform lots of tests and simply admire music. We keep an eye on all new and latest innovations and constantly improve our products as well as develop new ones. Our experience and technical knowledge help us to offer great cables to our customers.
The brand Lavricables was created in 2012 as a hobby. Since lots of audio brands hugely overcharge their products, in particular cables, we decided to invent our own RCA interconnects as a starting point. To ensure the highest quality of our products we used pure silver which is the best conductor available nowadays. Silver is also known for its neutrality, resolution and soundstage openness. Moreover, braided solid core cable geometry allows to eliminate radio frequencies and electromagnetic interferences and with increased number of cores, skin effect is also minimized on high frequencies. Combination of these factors and our know offered tremendous results in comparison to lots of other cables which are priced twice or even more.
The first massively released products were Interconnects and Speaker cables. The last ones were used to biwire the trebles and revealed lots of new details and nuances we haven’t heard before. As to the interconnects, they sounded with great transparency and resolution. Later after various tests and hundreds of happy customers we’ve moved to headphone and usb cables.
Currently we make cables for most of the headphones and iems available on the market. The ones that are not present in the shop still could be made on request. We improve our products and services year over year. Some of the cables have been revised for several times based on customers’ feedback and represent now an exceptional value for the price. Revisions could be found on our blog. We offer different kind of cable terminations strating from our custom made gold/ rhodium plated plugs, ending with highly advanced pure copper plugs from AECO.
By offering four product lines we ensure our customers will find the best cable for their setups and will have lots of pleasant listening hours. Our goal is to enhance full potential of your setups and make you happy!
Our Blog is constantly being updated with new information, pics and articles. Your reviews and suggestions are always very appreciated.
Enjoy Music!