What is the difference between litz and solid core headphone cables?

We have started with solid core cables in 2012. These offer great sonical improvement over stock headphone cables. Multistrand litz is our latest revision of headphone and iem cables. The litz is very flexible, soft and great for portable usage. Less fragile. It also has zero microphonics. The sound is more neutral and balanced. More info is available on our blog.


What is the differences between heatshrink and carbon Y splitter?
Heatshrink Y splitter with our logo is a minimalist solution. It is either transparent or black (for cables with sleeving). Lavricables carbon Y splitter is our custom made product which is very light and comes with Lavricables logo. It’s a great match with our custom made carbon plugs for the amp/ source and iem/ headphone plugs.


What insulation is used in the cables?
For multistrand litz headphone and iem cables we selected soft and flexible pvc. For solid core cables (headphone, interconnects, speaker cables, power, etc) teflon tubes of different size and flexibility are used.


What is the difference between plugs you offer?
Our custom made carbon plugs (2.5mm/ 3.5mm/ 4.4mm) are nice choice. Sonically they equal to Viablues. All Aeco plugs are heavily gold/ rhodium plated and made from pure copper unlike Viablue and Carbon plugs where base material is brass (same as for 95%+ plugs on the market). Aeco plugs are ones of the best on the market nowadays. Soundwise gold plated plugs are more all round balanced whereas rhodium plated are more refined on highs and vocals.


How do plugs affect on cable performance? Does it worth to invest in more expensive connectors (Furutech, Aeco, etc)?
The plugs do affect on overall sound performance of a cable in a certain way. Most of the plugs on the market are made from brass which unfortunately decreases overall cable potential. An alternative as pure copper or silver or copper alloy is a premium option that will sound more clean, detailed and refined. Also it worth to keep in mind size of the pins/ connection area. For instance, in 6.3mm plug it is rather big and in HD800 plugs, the pins are tenuous, so the “brass affect” will make less audible difference. All in all the plugs act more like a fine tuning of the cable. They are still pretty noticeable, nevertheless the biggest difference comes from wire gauge, material, purity, geometry.


How do you measure cable length?
We specify end to end cable length including plugs. That means that if you buy 1m Grand line XLR cables, for instance, they will be 1m long counting the plugs on both ends. The actual visible length of braided silver cable will be a bit less due to the size of XLR male and female plugs. Same applies to headphone, iem, usb and other cables in the shop.


Do you offer customization services?
We are happy to make any customizations you’d prefer. Basically almost any cable could be made upon your requirements. This includes different types of plugs as well. If by some chance we don’t have exact connector available in the drop down menu, feel free to send it to us or we could also obtain it for you.
We do not offer ethernet, hdmi, coaxial or optical cables.
Please note that we do not accept back cables made according to buyers’ specifications if by some chance you have changed your mind and don’t need the cable any longer.


Do you offer cable adapters? How matching adapter will affect on the sound of my cable?
Yes, we do offer adapters for Ultimate/ Master/ Grand lines. We also offer short pigtails for headphones.
Any adapter in general will degrade the sound in some manner due to additional metal in chain. In reality the difference might be negligible though or not audible at all depending on the setup and how reveling it is. The plug for amplifier/ dac as well as adapter plugs will also affect on overall performance. So all in all if you’d prefer a versatile solution, a matching adapter might be a great choice. In case the goal is an uncompromising solution, it should be a separate cable in this case.


What is the difference between 4x and 8x awg20 Grand line headphone cable?
In summer 2023 we have updated most of our Grand line headphone cables with 8x core version. This means that we doubled the gauge of already great and highly reviewed 4x Grand line cables. So now it is ~awg17 per each conductor instead of awg20 (in fact, it is awg16 counting graphene cores). With the increased gauge the sound is more powerful and energetic, with a bit better layering, imaging and more resolution. The difference is not like night and day, however on revealing setups it is more than obvious. The cable still is very flexible, smooth and feels like a solid silver art.


Do you have pictures with Grand line Baltic grey vs Transparent cable versions?
Sure, for comparison you could refer to Utopia and Susvara cables. Baltic grey version is on the left.


Do your silver cables sound bright?
They sound neutral and revealing, open and detailed once burned in. For instance, the Grand line headphone/ iem cables sound neither warm nor cold, definitely not bright or crispy. They are quite smooth and unobtrusive, very open and transparent, deep and powerful. Pacing and rhythm are fast and well articulated while still being very focused. They do not boost any specific range but rather step up the game of transparency, resolution, layering and sound stage dimensions.


Do you offer copper cables?
No, we focus only on pure silver cables and do not offer copper or silver plated copper cables. We use 5n/ 6n purity silver that makes very noticeable difference compared to stock/ copper cables. For instance, with our silver cable(s) you will get wider soundstage, more air and transparency, better resolution.


Why do I need to burn in my cable?
That is because once the cable is made, it might sound a bit harsh or bright, with less details and depth to the soundstage depending on setup. With time the sound will become more relaxed and neutral, open and three dimensional with better layering, more depth and stage width.


Do I need any special music or frequencies for cable burn in process?
No, it could be basically any music. The goal here is to pass the signal thru cable connected to a load (headphones). It could be done on low volumes as well.


Can I have my cable already burned in?
We do offer burn in services for most of the cables. We recommend at least 100h of burn in time before any critical listening sessions for all our silver cables. You may choose between 100h and 150h option. We perform cable burn in with music, no special frequencies, white noise or mystical waves are used here. We always choose good music and thus cables will sound marvelous straight out of the box. Please note that if you select 100h burn in option, it will take roughly 4 days to perform the process. Keep in mind that dispatch date will be put off correspondingly.


Do you offer Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Birthday, Happy Cable Day discounts?
Unfortunately we do not offer any because all cables are hand made according to customers’ specifications. We do not have automated factories that would do all the process for us instead. Moreover we do not outsource production as it could affect the quality of our products. Instead we keep constant backlog of orders that needs to be fulfilled. Lastly we believe that exclusive products do not need any discounts, Black Fridays and so on.


Do you offer discount for students, teachers, seniors, AARP members, front-line workers?
No, see paragraph above.


What type of payment do you accept?
We accept payment via credit/ debit cards as well as Paypal. We also accept bank transfers for payments within EU.


Will there be any additional taxes upon cable receipt?
If you are based in EU, there will be no taxes or any additional charges. If you are located outside EU, it depends on the country. Feel free to contact us in order to clarify in advance.


Does the price for a cable include VAT?
No, all prices in the shop are listed without VAT. Once proceed to cart VAT is added automatically for EU destinations. It varies depending on shipping country. For non EU destinations VAT is not added.


I have EU company with VAT number, could I buy a cable without VAT?
Yes, of course. Based on EU directive 2006/112/EC we could send you an invoice without VAT. We would need to know company details, VAT number, shipping details and printscreen of cart.


Do you have a physical shop where I could see the cables and try them?
No, we do not keep any physical stores. All our cables are sold directly via the online shop.


Is the cable in stock/ when it could be shipped?
Usually all orders are shipped in a week time unless it is communicated to the customer.


Why does the shipping take that long time?
There might be some delays and unfortunately shipping time is beyond our control. Registered mail might take more than a month time for some destinations (Australia, New Zealand or Canada, for instance). If a month has already passed and the package has not arrived yet, we suggest to contact us asap, so we could clarify with our forwarder and make all needed steps to start investigation.


Do you accept returns?
No. See our Returns section.


Can I cancel my order, I don’t need the cable any more due to…
Every cable is unique and built according to specific customer’s requirements. Thus all sales are final. Please place an order only if you are intended to buy.