New awg20, awg22 & awg24 multistrand litz silver wires

New awg20, awg22 & awg24 multistrand litz silver wires

We are constantly improving our products and paying attention to feedback received from our customers. It took quite some time for us to come up with the new more advanced version of pure silver wire that we are keen to offer now. It’s 5n purity multistrand litz awg24 and awg22 wires in soft pvc insulation. The sound is open and transparent, neutral and with great microdynamics. Ergonomics of cables is improved very noticeably compared to previous solid core headphone cables. The wire feels very flexible and soft, pleasant to touch, it does not hold any shape and have zero microphonics – all that is crucial for a decent iem/ headphone upgrade cable. Awg24 version represents our Ultimate line and awg22 stands for the Master. We are pretty sure you will be delighted with the new products.

We have prepared many updates for our customers in 2024. The first one is v4 awg22 Master line. The changes are now in bigger sound field, more silky highs and slightly warmer overall presentation. Trebles are more delicate, smooth and airy. Sub bass gained more energy and power. The other changes are visual – the wire looks more appealing, mighty and simply like state of the art!

It’s been a while since the last product update, so we decided to double the news. First of all our top Grand line headphone/ iem cables have been expanded with Baltic grey version. Technically the wire stayed the same, however the design has been enhanced with a new grayish color tint of pvc insulation. It looks even more luxury now and correlates with silver strands’ color very well. Also Baltic grey option visually looks even more appealing and eye catching with our custom made iem, headphone and carbon plugs which share grey color too.
The other update covers our top line mains cables and interconnects. Now it’s v3 revision where we have kept same number of cores, but slightly changed cable geometry by adding new flat ribbon strands. As a result overall gauge of cable was increased. Flat type of conductor has superior signal transmission properties that makes presentation quite smooth, airy and fast sounding, The sense of space feels more present. The bass beats faster and more precisely. Being admired with the results, it’s our pleasure to share them with our customers.

Time flies fast, that means that every minute is important, every song played is the one to remember and admire. It’s been already some time for awg22 Master line to be hybrid and unchanged. Does that mean that it was so good?! Perhaps yes, however even a Porsche could be improved… So we did our homework again and now it’s v3 of the Master line. It’s so different now, that probably you’d ask – have you made another product line? Is it still silver? Does it still cost the same? Yes, yes and again affirmative! The wire gained significant flexibility improvement as a result of new double twisted geometry as in Grand line that looks really awesome. Moreover it sounds much more refined due to redesigned structure which covers size and amount of enameled cores and also small amount of patented alloy cores in the middle. Furthermore we have also introduced sky-blue tint of pvc insulation which stands out of the crowd and looks totally amazing. It’s out honer, passion and joy to offer latest revision of already great cable to our dedicated customers. Enjoy the vibes and performance!

The time has come to upgrade our awg24 Ultimate line wire. Now it’s the 3rd version of original awg25 wire that we introduced some years ago. Eventually we arrived now with totally different product. A massive redesign was performed in all key aspects areas: gauge (now awg24), sonic performance, appearance and flexibility. The latest v3 looks very similar to the Grand line as we changed the wire structure. Individually enameled silver cores are beautifully double twisted with addition of more damping material in the middle now. The number of cores and size were also altered based on conducted tests. That led to increase in clarity and articulation compared to the previous v2. Also as a result the wire became even more flexible. We are very pleased with results.

We are happy to announce our first hybrid product – awg22 Master line wire for headphone and iem cables. Based on various tests and market tendencies we decided to focus on hybrid config which eventually brought improvement in low end register and soundstage openness – exactly what we were seeking for Master v2 wire. The former awg22 version was a nice upgrade over headphone’s stock cables, however it sounded a bit recessed compared to the Grand line. While being able to reveal lots of details, it still performed more like a dark sounding cable. Now when we have carefully selected the best size and amount of silver cores, added damping material and enhanced low end register with awg29 occ copper litz in the center, the wire sounds totally different. It’s alive, neutral and transparent. All crucial benefits of our silver cables have also been kept here – openness, air, profusion of details, fast pacing and rhythm . The wire looks and feels noticeably bigger, it is twisted similar to awg24 Ultimate line and has the same great flexibility due to the latest developed pvc insulation (from top to bottom on the pic here: Reference awg28, Ultimate awg24, Master awg22 cables). Now it’s one step closer to our best products from the Grand line.

We have improved our Ultimate multistrand litz wire by increasing silver gauge to awg24 (previously it was awg25), redesigning wire geometry, size of the cores and adding damping material in the center. Although it took quite some time, the results of Ultimate v2 wire are amazing. It’s more balanced and open, revealing and airy. In fact awg24 gauge gives more articulated low end register. We are glad to offer this noticeable upgrade to our customers keeping the price for Ultimate line cables at the same level.

Our latest creation is awg20 cryo treated multistrand litz silver wire aimed for headphones. It represents the Grand line. We have increased silver purity to 6n! Moreover we have introduced graphene cores in the center in order to make vocals more precise and open. As a result overall wire gauge became awg19! This is a big difference compared to Grand awg21.5 solid core version.
The sound is very powerful, with huge drive and energy. You could feel it with all your body. It’s so emotional that makes you shiver! Enormously deep low end register. The Grand line sounds now even more precise and open, neutral and revealing.
The wire per se is very appealing and flexible bearing in mind the gauge. Inside the silver is twisted multiple times in groups around graphene cores in the middle. We selected pvc insulation here because it’s soft and is not affected by sun and high temperatures in any way. It also represents vast improvement in usability compared to solid core cable version.

Multistrand litz versions (awg20 – awg22 – awg24):

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