Product lines (Reference/ Ultimate/ Master/ Grand)

Here you could find overview of our product lines (Reference, Ultimate, Master and Grand) and their comparison.

Reference line is an entry point of a silver journey. The cables here are made from solid silver of 5n purity and awg28 gauge. Compared to copper/ stock cables (headphones) the difference is in wider soundstage, better clarity and transparency.

Headphones: cables are made from 4x awg28 strands (each strand is placed in its own teflon tubing).

Interconnects: 10x awg28 strands for RCA and XLR cables.

More advanced in sonic characteristics and cable design is the Ultimate line. It shares low capacitance due to woven cable geometry, brings a reduction of skin effect on high frequencies, eliminates electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (interconnects, speaker, usb cables). As a result cables sound more three dimensional, with increased imaging and amazing articulation.

Headphones/ iems: made from 4x awg24 multistrand litz wire. Great flexibility, ergonomics and zero microphonics, soft to touch.

Interconnects/ Speaker: 14x awg28 solid silver strands (awg26 gauge is used for speaker cables).

Going further up the product lines we arrive at Master series. The sound is more emotional here, realistic and with better layering and more resolution.

Headphones/ iems: made from 4x awg22 multistrand litz wire with a small addition of copper alloy in order to reveal more depth to the soundstage. Opens up any headphone to the next level compared to mediocre stock cables. Deeper low end register, better microdynamics compared to Ultimate line.

Interconnects/ Speaker: pure silver RCA or copper XLR plugs; three different types of solid core silver are used here. The cables just beat faster and more precisely compared to the Ultimate line.

Our top of the line products are presented by the Grand line. The goal here is to keep maximum purity of silver cables by eliminating brass from the chain and using ones of the best components available on the market nowadays (6n cryo treated silver, 10% Mundorf silver solder, pure copper Aeco plugs). The Grand sounds natural and inspiring, uncompromising and fantastic.

Headphones/ iems: 4x or 8x awg20 cryo treated 6n purity multistrand litz wire with a small addition of graphene groups in the middle. It is neither warm, nor cold and it is definitely not bright or crispy. The cables sound very even and refined. They give more body from bass to treble and don’t lose any details. Compared to the Master line Grand has faster and more impactful bass, increase in dynamics, imaging and coherency.

ICs/ Speaker/ Mains: 20x cores of different geometry and gauge of silver for interconnects (30x for mains cables); 28x cores for speaker cables. Spectacular drive and energy, more three dimensional sound compared to other product lines.

Overall in general going up the product line you will get more nuances, better transparency, soundstage openness, energy and slam.

In addition it is always important to remember that silver reveals its potential only after 100-150h of burn in time (hence we do offer Burn in services) and changes happen even further with time. There are lots of different opinions related to this topic as well as great amount of technical articles proving that. From our point of view burn in process is a MUST for every cable. Sound character, that might seem in the beginning a bit harsh or even unpleasant on some revealing systems, will noticeably change with time and become more relaxed and neutral, open and full bodied.