Do you believe that every diy cable has a soul?!

Grand 20 core pure Silver awg20 multistrand litz Meze Empyrean Elite headphone upgrade cable by Lavricables

Do you believe that every diy cable has a soul?!

It’s been almost 8 years now since we started to make pure silver cables. Thousands have been made, different designs and configurations have been implemented. Some cables have been improved based on customers’ feedback and now are offered even in 5th version. Better ergonomics, more revealing details to the soundstage, all in all a perfect match to your setup! Wait, stop! Does it all sound that simply? Do you really think that every cable soundwise is equal even if it’s of the same configuration? Actually it is not so…

Any jeweler will tell you that it is not possible to create two equal rings. Even if the artisan has decades of experience, still he will be unable to make them 100% the same. Another example might two bottles of same wine (a good one) of the same harvest and so on. Pretty sure that you already know that in most cases you should not be a sommelier to feel the difference. Similar comes with cables. All our cables are handmade by us from the beginning till finished and ready to be dispatched products. Two cables that share same specifications and materials will still have slight difference in design, braiding, soldering contacts, air temperature and so on. Will this affect the sound? Yes, however it might be that these negligible nuances is way hard to perceive. In fact sometimes it’s difficult to compare two different silver cables since they might sound very similar.

Another important moment worth mentioning is emotions and feelings that we experience during the cable building process. Some products are made super easily, it’s like going down on autobahn on electric car – it goes very well and smoothly and even regenerates some energy (makes us happy), others need additional time, efforts, repeated actions because from the first attempt something went wrong. During the years we noticed that, we did also share our feelings and founding with other people related to hand workmanship and that brought us to another important aspect.

Imagine that you finally have found the product that were looking for quite for some time, the one that makes you really happy, the one that brings more value to your portable gear or hi end amplifier. You get it, experience one hour of joy and then something suddenly happens. It might be simply that you forgot the cable somewhere, a baby improved it by cutting into two pieces, neighbor’s dog somehow appeared in your house and imagined something delicious that must be eaten immediately, or basically any other accident that might devastate you expensive cable quite fast. The probability is rather small, nevertheless it is still there and we are always amazed by new situations reported by our customers. Yes, it might be just a coincidence and no way we could prove that the particular damaged cable is exactly the one we spent two times more on and it was rather difficult to make it, however there possibility is here. From our end to reduce this fact we always stay in a great mood when making the products, think and visualize our customers become happy and we stop every time when something starts to go wrong or harder than usually (please note this is related only to cable production). What do you do from your end? What do you feel when such things happens? Is it just a bad luck for you or you start to dig in deeper – why now, why me, etc?

To recap it might be good to compare diy handmade cable with decent aged wine. If the whole process would be made by machine, most likely the wine will be emotionless and lifeless, just like listening to some sterile or too neutral setup. It will not make you feel involved and inspired, neither you would prefer listening to the same song again. Moreover, it even might sound boring after some period of time. As to the hand made products they are more like vinyl – very human and with huge potential. What will you choose?

Stay tuned!

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