Munich High End Show 2016

Munich High End Show 2016

Munich High End Show 2016

Munich High End show is one of the most enjoyable events not only for European audiophiles and music lovers, but also for lots of other people worldwide. This year 2016 was not an exception!

The show is special because it covers four floors with hundreds of different hi-fi and hi-end brands. It does not matter whether you are looking for portable setup or €100k+ speakers or new car with exceptional audio system or new contacts/ distributors, you will find everything during these four days of show in Munich.

Every year at Munich is special. New brands are introduced, new products, some reorganizations, so it’s always different. Even the music is different. Needless to say that it was a great opportunity for us finally to steel some time and relax during careful listening sessions of half million euro systems. It’s great to participate in such events when you usually lack time and used to work all the day long including weekends. The exhibition is a great place to meet manufacturers and distributors, to find new friends and make business contacts. Everyone is very open and ready to answer dozens of questions.

There were lots of superb installations at the show – rooms like Kharma, Raidho, Boenicke and even inexpensive according to the show PMC, were pretty impressive. By all means we didn’t want to leave them, but unfortunately security didn’t allow to take lovely pillows and blankets to sleep in one of the rooms 🙂 Of course, there were systems that performed better last year or probably we checked them not at the right moment or music. TAD and Avantgarde as well as Burmester were ones of these, however rather cheap and trivial Marantz setup surprised us quite indeed. Perhaps it was just “a good music” as Ken Ishiwata explained before the demo of Peter’s Gabriel “Rhythm of life” or might be just a great solid UK components’ match like in Cyrus and Spendor room playing John Campbell. In any case it was great to realize what audio devices are capable now.

From headphones the most memorable were Stax and their amp. Model 007 is really something, it allows you to feel what happens 2-3 meters behind you while you are trying to focus on smth in front of you. Too bad that Audeze guys did come this year, nevertheless their products were connected in many places. Mojo, a portable gem from Chord, was also available. We were very pleased by Chord guys allowing to leave for demo iphone lightning cable with them for all days of the show.

Every year brings new cars and models at Munich, we did like new 911 this time. Frankly speaking we were not impressed by Burmester setup, especially after Western Electrics demo, but the car was awesome anyway 🙂 As to the sound, last year’s Maybach with Burmester sounded much more captivating. Anyway, different car brands have different sound standards. That might be kind of an explanation.

It’s early autumn now, but summer 2017 is almost here. See you all next year at Munich with new pure silver cables!

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