Munich High End Show 2019

Munich High End show 2019 by Lavricables

Munich High End Show 2019

Time flies very fast, especially when you visit High End show in Munich!
Lots of brands have been relocated this year. New models and brands, latest innovations, beautiful decors and even $1M+ car were presented during all four days this year. Thousands of people all over the world: manufacturers, dealers, happy audiophiles, well known journalists, singers, families with small children and even a dog (haven’t seen cat so far) attended that great show. Moreover you could have experienced live sessions (Dynaudio) and gain various attributes like t-shirts (Chord), bags, stickers, pens, drinks, etc. It was also nice to be offered a decent 10y Scottish whisky at Linn’s room.

This year lots of amazing and well balanced systems that we liked were offered to visitors. In comparison to previous year it’s great and noticeable step forward. It might be due to more careful installations or more accurate components’ pairing. Might be just because of new and more advanced and expensive devices.

Speaking about particular rooms, we would like to highlight the following.

Raidho showed their latest TD3.8 and TD1.2 models paired with Chord and Gamut cables. The former ones were presented in eye catching orange color and could now go lower up to 10hz due to improved specs. The sensitivity was improved in both models to 6db, so even lamp amps might be a perfect match now. Drivers’ magnet and tweeter provide even less distortion now. As to the sound it was alive, one of the best imaging at the show, relaxed with big soundstage and super precise. Nuances were tremendous. You could focus on each musician. Perfect timing. Probably the best room at the show for those who like Raidho sound character. Unfortunately on Saturday evening TD1.2 tweeter was damaged accidentally by one of the visitors, so we didn’t have a chance to listen them.

Same location two floors down new Borresen speakers have been situated. Few years ago they decided to “divorce” with Raidho and now were honored to play with Aavik & Ansuz cables. The speakers somewhat still remind Raidho visually, but shares more advanced technologies as we were told. Carbon drivers, improved titanium coils, magnets and airdynamic technologies taken from formula F1. The first thing that came to our mind was a great imaging in rather contemporary room. The presentation was laid back with deep soundstage. Never heard saxophone singing like that! Terrific!

Moving forward we went to the 2nd floor in Verity room. The new system was something tremendous! Everything very controlled, felt like a scale of concert hall! Ales Barta’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV565 was unforgettable!

The next stop to mention is Magico. These speakers could be found in many rooms this time, but in particular we liked two. The main brand’s room had Aurender, Soulution, Kronos and MSB. It was amazing feel of presence, the singers were alive, the speakers simply vanished in the room! Splendid! The other room belonged to Constallation and the system was wired with Nordost Odin. Very open system with great 3d imaging, emotional and powerful.

If we come from California (Magico) back to Europe, Greece, we could observe Ypsilon electronics. This year they were paired with latest Peak Consult speakers. The room differed from the most as they played noticeably louder and a bit way too much sometimes. In general the sound was delicate, very powerful, feel of presence. Great room. However we honestly liked the system paired with Wilson Benesch (Alien look carbon monsters 🙂 a year ago a bit more. The system was more emotional and tempting. We checked the room every of four days as we could not stop.

Since we already started carbon topic, it would be valuable to mention lovely “aliens” by Wilson Benesch paired with CH and Ibex cables this time. The system was very polite, accurate, with carefully layered soundstage which was vast and very high.

Kharma room was last one we attended. The preparations made here were enormous! This was definitely the most beautiful room at the show. Moreover they played something else except the classics this time, great! Well, what to expect from $1M system?! It’s beautiful both ways! Need to listen.

We also experienced a curious moment in Audionet room when their latest 60kg HUMBOLDT monster paired with Dynaudio Confidence 60 simply cut out due to overload on left channel. It took a while before this was discovered by the ceo 🙂

To recapitulate, it was amazing time and experience! See you next time, MOC!

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