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New 1/4″ headphone plugs from pure copper!

AECO AT6-1231G TRS 6.3mm balanced XLR 1060 plugs for pure silver cables by Lavricables

New 1/4″ headphone plugs from pure copper!

Dear customers, we are proud to offer ones of the best 6.3mm plugs on the market today now to you!
These are AECO gold plated plugs made of pure copper. No brass, no nickel, no other metals or alloys that would degrade the sound!
Besides awesome look and robust construction, they do also sound way better than most of the plugs available nowadays. It’s a perfect match and a must have for Grand and Master series, although they also make noticeable difference on Reference and Ultimate cable lines. Once installed the plug allows to reveal full potential of silver cable and consequently whole setup.

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