Pure Silver Hugo / Mojo lightning interconnect

Reference Silver interconnect cable

Pure Silver Hugo / Mojo lightning interconnect

It’s been almost a year since Lavricables pure silver Hugo / Mojo lightning interconnect has been introduced. It was the first and the one unique solution that allowed music lovers to enjoy their portable setups and reduce the necessity of bulky solution like Apple’s camera adapter (cck) and separate usb cable. Moreover, since the cable is made of pure 6N silver, it really does improve the sound.

The cable itself is a result of many hours of tests and sleepless nights I used to receive hundreds of questions asking how could it work without cck and will it be working with continues Apple’s ios upgrade program. The answer is yes! Basically it’s not just another cable made of premium materials, it’s rather peculiar device that includes sophisticated electronics inside and careful smd soldering and assembling. The cable will suit to any setup as it’s available in many colors. Silk sleeving feels and looks great! The cable allows to pass digital signal from any ios device to ones of the most accurate and neutral portable dacs available on the market – Hugo and Mojo. Different file types are supported, including hi-res DSD music, of course.

Today we may proudly state that there are hundreds of happy customers who enjoy the cable in their day to day music enjoyment. We would be happy to say big thanks for your feedback and loyalty, guys!

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