Master 20 core Dual Silver USB A-B interconnect cable

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Pure 5N silver 20 core dual USB cable.
Splendid results and step above default USB cable geometry!
The ultimate approach in digital world – separated shielded Data and Power lines.
Dual USB cable geometry on!


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We advice at least 150h of burn in time before any critical listening sessions.
Review on head-fi, review 2.

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•   Carefully handmade braided cable consists of 20 cores of AWG28 (0.33mm ⌀) solid silver 5N purity wire.
•   Two separated lines – Data & Power; each consists of 10 cores of silver.
•   Gold plated USB A & B plugs.
•   Gold plated USB A & B pins (solder side as well).
•   Separate double shielding via aluminum foil and copper.
•   Woven Teflon Litz construction is ideal to deliver RFI and EMI rejection and provides low capacitance.
•   5N silver transmits electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC wires.
•   High grade Teflon insulation gives a predominant air dielectric and is regarded as the best insulator for bare cable.

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1 review for Master 20 core Dual Silver USB A-B interconnect cable

  1. Lavricables

    I have gone from an Audioquest Carbon, no slouch in itself, to​ the Master Silver Dual USB. This is proving to be one of the best investments I have ever made in return of the quality it delivers. While burn-in matters, I am of the opinion that from the start that basically either it is right or wrong. The L as I shall refer to it, is one L of a cable. The first word that popped into my head, effortless. So while it has only had an overnight\’s worth of burn-in I know this is a keeper. To the point that while I may upgrade my Mytek, I see no reason to have to do so to the L. It is a superb value for the money and to these old ears, just magnificent. All the attributes than one can want for in a USB, it delivers. It is a truly fine product from a very good company.

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